Foggy ride

In Kampot, Cambodia we rented scooters from Naga House, where we stayed. A fantastic hostel we loved very, very much. Riding up the mountain in fog getting thicker and thicker with altitude, feeling excited and afraid. An accident did not feel like it was far away. Cars driving by barely visble. By arrival at the top we were all soaking wet, to the point that jumping in a pool would not have made any difference in how wet we were. Stuck around for while, walking around the buildings and checking out the view (that would have been amazing if it would have been there) waiting in vain for the weather to clear up. On our away down my scooter checked out on me, and I had to push him for a kilometer to the shop. When the four of us werebiking together, we couldnt see eachoter in the fog, so nobody notice that I was gone. Eventually my husband came back looking for me and got my tank refilled, some supplies and then we continued on our way.

It broke down again, and I pushed it for another hundred metres to the entrance. Here a man offered to help, and we could not thank him enough. Whatever issues was in the scooter, he fixed it, and Naga House owes him for a job well done.

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