Greta – The Great

This day I learned that I love sailing. Thank you Oscar, I had a great time taking us in circles.

Whence I finally got the hang of the rudder, I felt powerful. Free is cliche, but damn I felt free.
Wind and me were working together like buddies. He wanted to flex his power a bit, and tried my best to make that happen by giving him the right angle and tension. And it worked!! And till it didnt.. THEN IT WORKED AGAIN!! The important thing is, you need to get it just right. Inches makes all the difference. Incredible really. May sound like I have never been on a boat before, and thats not true. But this time was different. 100% engaged in whats going on, rather than sitting happily confused and excited on the passenger seat. I got to feel it. I got to work with it. It was majestic and I loved it. One day, I’m gonna learn this properly. Me and Wind got along pretty good.

Sitting on a boat flowing over water like it is being pushed and pulled by an invisible hand bigger than the clouds, is epic. A hand you can tell what to do! How cool is that?! It struck me that with a well built boat, some high quality sails, food in stock and supplies like tools and a tent, you’re pretty much set. You don’t need anything else but good company and a guitar, maybe a stack of books to have a great summer. Mind. Blown.

Cheers to whom ever it was who invented sailing. Who was sailor nr 1?

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