Be the change

A new era can start with youThe Ghandi song

This was the first song I ever wrote, put music to and actually performed on an Open Mic stage. I wrote it back in Sweden a few months before we moved to China December 2011. I started off with that Ghandi quote I had just read, “Be the change you wish to see in te world” and wanted to emphasize that it is important we base big decisions on not only our selves and what is needed there, but what is needed everywhere.

To make a simple example, sorting our trash. There is no metaphor for this in the song, but its about making decisions that are not only good for yourself, but everyone around you and who are not yet even here.

Treat your trash as if there was no big system for them. Treat them as if they were yours and only yours to handle. Be reasonable here and also realize that the dumping-in-the-woods-solution is fucking dumb and for that reason not an alternative. You can dump it in your garden if you wish. You and your plants will have to deal with that pile, and only you and your plants. Til the rain comes, and drags all that gooey crap that has been building up under that pile out to the rest of us, and now we have to deal with it. Thanks a lot.

You could also put plastics and foods in the same bag and just bury it under ground in your garden, then plant flowers on top, pretend nothing ever happen.

Or you keep food and plastic separate. That way you can use the food to feed your growing plants to get more out of them, and melt the plastic for your 3D printer.

Wouldn’t that be great? Imagine a time where every household, company and organization in the whole world, deals with their own trash, so they make no more then they can make disappear. Disappear and take out of sight are not the same thing.

The rest of the text is about the typical politician. Making promises that they never keep to be elected. Problems coming up after right wing got elected in Sweden, like ambulances not being sent out to people in need. People dying, so that the emergency lince can make a 12% profit every year.

Be the change

Be the change you wish to see in the world
I dont know but once was told that
Whatever you do
somone will follow you
so you should make sure that
whatever you’re up to
is’nt just for you
And your own business

Spread the word
that you want people to have heard
and make sure that
it’s bout’ more than you
and your own business

Make them like you
Make them trust you
Make them want to be just like you
Make them support you
Make them root for you
and believe that you want them all to have all they need
untill it goes to greed

Make them sign papers
Make them give you money


Become your fanbase
Then you leave for another place
Corrupt the system
you might have missed them
But they all gathered round’
and now you’re going down
You’re going down
You’re going down
down, down, down

well, we gave you money
excpecting honey
But you had allready spent and bribed it all away
It all away

We thought that you and me and everybody
Would get what they need
But we got nothin’
We’ve got even less than before
And we’ll never see you no more

I so badly wanna know
Where did it all go?
I so badly wanna know
where did it all go?
I so badly wanna know
Where did it all go?

the change
you wish to see
in the world
I dont know
But once was told
That whatever you do
someone will allways follow you
So you better make sure
that it’s about more than you
and your own business