Get out of my house

Traditional..“Amaghaad I am A wife!”

Looking around for toilet paper in my own bathroom the day after we were married, and couldnt find a thing. A bit immobilized I sat still there on the toiletseat, in the dark, ( I dont like reading in there. Feels too weird holding a book on the toilet. Thinking doesnt require light) thinking about what life would be like if I couldn’t move. If this was all my life was, just sitting on a toilet, what would I do? Damn it, would probably read a lot.

Anyway, I sat there and started rhyming about being a spouse. Since I had only been married for about 20 hours or so, this was pretty much all I could think about. When growing up I never thought I would ever get married so I was totally weirded out about the whole thing. Not panicking, but just a little like “What did we just do?”. I created this song about a woman being sick of her husband, just to feel normal again. Just to feel a little less traditional.

House and spouse was the only marital rhymes I could think of. He is my friend and friend ends with end, so naturally, the song got a depressing tone. Because the words wanted it. Maybe the whole no-paper situation got me in a bad mood as well.

Joakim had just gone to work and I was pretending I was paralized and stuck in the toilet, perfect set up for writing a song about marriage.

Get out of my house

Before I atleast wanted to be your friend
now I just want this whole shit to end
Realized you are just a waste of time
just a dude who has lost his freaking mind

You are just a psycho with too much time
trying to infiltrate this heart of mine
It aint gonna work I got you in the act
You should get out now or Ill have you get smacked

Please would you just get out of my house
also, do me solid , be quiet as a mouse
Would you just get out of my fucking house
I no longer wanna be your disgusting spouse




Footnote: I cant emphasize enough, this has nada to with my real husband.