Need not a lot

You need not a lot
to carve out a good spot
but the opposite is taught
by them caught
in the need of expanding the plot.

What does this text mean?

That you do not need a lot of things or even education on a high level, to have a meaningful life. A meaningful life is an inner experience. It is not about proving your happiness to others. Not even having other people around you understand how you are feeling blissful when waking up and when going to bed. The hardest part is to understand that, to have a meaningful life, nobody needs to know. Flaunting it makes it no more valid. In many situations, what is the trifecta to some, the perfect equation and balance in existence, is not for someone else. Not everyone enjoys reading, so a good book is not a beautiful inspiring thing to everyone. But it does not mean the content is not important. Just that, it is not graspable for everyone because we are different. And we are supposed to be. Your job is to find what is the perfect equation for you, no matter how “strange”. Everything goes, but do not take from other. To cause others harm, to finalize your equation, is destructive. Your equation is therefor not finished. Keep working on it. To ruin some balance, to create another, is not the right way when other minds are suffering. Because they don’t need to. They only do because you choose them to. And you can choose differently. This is what I mean with not needing a lot to carve out a good spot. Simply, keep it simple. Work on your equation and boil it down. Brake it down its smallest pieces and see how few they are. Appreciate the simplicity.

But the opposite is taught, this refers to media and this mass consuming and producing going on. Commercial nonsense for the sake of money, by those not appreciating the simplicity of their equations. Instead, they need more. Something stable and working is not good enough. But why?