Do it for you, not just some dude.

It makes me sad that girls have this belief of needing to be all dressy uppy and girly everyday. You can and should do it, if it helps you sleep better at night. It is good to do things that you get of.

It is supposed to be fun to put on a nice lipstick and dress up for your guy and a date, not something in a rulebook to hook yourself up with e decent man. But guess what, you do’nt have to do so. Focus on being a likeable person instead! Without that, you are screwed and will die alone either way. This goes as much for dudes. And he does not need to be all testosterone 24 7. But please, show off how good you are at opening jamjars once in a while, because we like that. Mostly you should keep your self healthy, clean and chilled out.

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