Chang – People at home

Chang and I met a few years back, probably at 4 Corners. Since then she has changed her hair color and hairstyle a lot, her wardrobe goes back and forth between tomboy and classy lady, plus everything in between. In her collection she has plenty of statement pieces and colorful garments, so it makes perfect sense to leave her all of that decision making up to her.

People at home.

This shoot resulted in a new project actually. Earlier Ive been doig Apparel by Sanna K, where I dress people in my own clothes basically. From this experience I learned that it is a lot more interesting, to have them dress themselves and do the shoot at their enviroment.

Since spring this year we have been planning to do shoot, and last week it happened out of the blue. Nowadays I am keeping my gear ready at all times! Ask me at any point, and my battery is full and my CF card has enough space to shoot an event.

Until I know better, I’ll call this project People at home. The shots will be taken at their own place or maybe at their work, favorite bar, favorite park, grocery store. This project is supposed to show peoples life, and everything that it includes. Wardobe, friends, pets, home, maybe choice of breakfast. There is no set rules to what is and what is not desirable to show, it is up to each person to decide.

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