Designing my business card.

The last card I made for myself impressed people at the same time as it freaked them out. It was sketched by hand with black ink on one side, and pencil on the other, then printed in the exact same size on 2 kinds of paper. The end result looked like it had been hand drawn. A few times I had to explain the process because people did really thought each card had been drawn by hand.
You could not tell it was printed, unless you tested it with an eraser.

I offered people a hard white traditional card, and softer one too with texture and a tone of yellow. The softer cards went quicker than the hard ones. First I thought, that people just had noticed how the hand drawn style worked nicely with the feeling of drawing paper, that the softer one had. But turned out, the softer ones was a favorite of some people, because it could easily be turned into a perfect roach if a situation required one. No matter which paper people preferred, they still gave me a lot of love for the creativity, so I wont do things that much differently this time. Just took my acrylics out today started covering a few sheets of A3 paper with black strokes. Some full covering, some textured… My plan is to make one side black, with text in white 0.4 mm gel pen. The other side bright and colorful, with text or logo in black.

For now though, I am just enjoying the process of cutting up old colorful sheets of acrylic paintings I have made, and ofc, the new black ones. The colorful sheets were made just a few weeks ago when I was figuring out new creative ways to show the color wheel. Each sheet as a painting, is terrible. But placing out a business card and cutting out the shape, gives me plenty of beautiful backgrounds. Just perfect! Now I just gotta flawlessly put my signature on it, and call it my logo. Luckily, I have sheets upon sheets to practice on, and am more than willing to make more if necessary. I knew it was a wise decision to keep my painting equipment.



Spraying the paper wet first, created the light dots in the pictures below. This tool is bought from a gardening market.





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