Drag event at Adam’s

Dragevent at Adams, Beijing.
Dragevent at Adams, Beijing.

Honored by the trust, I delighted in helping him dress up for his first Drag Evening. Picked out my jazziest black dress, applied a glittery nude make up with black lashes, dug out my most comfortable black heels and ta-fucking-da: Total lady! That head of curls is always already perfect no matter what time of day, or day of the week. And we didn’t bother with no silly shaving.

I matched up with a black top and dark grey high wasted jeans, and ofc, my black kneehigh heeled boots.
To really make the two uf us one pair, we both had black leather jackets. Together we were gorgeous.

We stopped for a drink at Adam’s, before heading up to Migas where danced for hours until we dance for a few more hours at Kokomo.
At Adams we sat down with Mondo who owns the place. Mondo made Finn promise to come to the drag event they were having next weekend. So ofc, we went all out for that. Its the pictures from that evening that are shown below.

We got him a new dress. We shaved his legs. He got his make up done by professionals. Then he entered the lip syncing contest, and won the shit out of it. But never received the prize. The whole contest was rigged, for sure. So we didn’t go back for the finals. What would have been the point?

But we learned, that no matter if Finn shows up on stage as a man or a woman – he gets the whole crowd on board.

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