John Minchillo, Photojournalist

John Minchillo
This photograph is taken by a very talented photojournalist by the name John Minchillo.
I stumbled upon it when gotten sidetracked after reading about the missing plane from Malaysia. After watching a clip about a hippo, saving a gnu from a croc, I clicked another wth?-article in the sidebar. There had been an <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>explosion in New York City</a>. The article had a gallery that blew my mind. Colors, composition and clarity was flawless. I immediately got curious about the photographer and googled the name. His portfolio is impressive. Check it out at <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>

I wonder how those two in the cranes feel when looking down. I also wonder how it feels to breath in that smoky air, and for some reason I always ask my self when looking at photos of chaos. Is that person hungry aswell? Cus that would suck.

<em><strong>Footnote:</strong> I just got a great idea! I will open up any kind of business connected to photogaphy and name it CCCP. Color, Composition, Clarity Photography.</em>

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