Unboxing Tamron 35mm F1.8

This is my first lens that is actually new, not just new to me. Whatever, lets unbox this thing!

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What makes this lens so special?

If the the beauty of it isn’t enough for you, it ford have one quality that made me think it is one good piece of gear.  This lens allows you as close as 20 cm to your subject, which is about half of what I am used to have with my Nikon 50mm 1.4D and 1.8G.

My mom who has been a photographer for a long time, warns me of buying any other lenses than originals to your body. Simply because they might be cheap and all, but they aint durable for shit. I have not applied any durability test to this one, and neither do I plan to, but from what I have been reading, it seems like the new SP series is a bit stronger than the lenses my mom has tried out a few years back, that literally would go in pieces if dropped to the floor. Which does happen if you are shooting at concerts or just dealing with drunk people more often than not.

Mine is purchased at Wukesong Camera Market for 3350 RMB. If you haven’t been there but live in Beijing, I got one word for you. Go. The guys in booth 2-11 are sweet, but their hot water and tea is just sitting there. Not being served even to high paying customers! Swiped my card for almost 8000 one day. Still no tea. What’s up with that?

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