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Living in the hutongs of Beijing provides plenty of photo ops, so going out to test the freshly unboxed TAMRON 35mm was aa lot of fun thanks to my neighbor, who loves fiddling with his car.

This is my second prime lens, unless upgrading getting an additional 50mm with newer motor counts.

Peoples opinions about primes varies, but I enjoy them because they lock my mind. I know what I got to work with, rather than the endless possibilities provided by a zoom lens. The 50 is my best friend because the shots are beautiful no matter positioning. Standing up or laying down, it does the trick!

With the 35 though, the vertical ones look kind of bad… This has to do with the distortion. As a rule, it just doesn’t work. Taking horizontal portraits with a wide angle lens, keeping plenty of space on he side of the shoulders, the person will look older than in real life. True story. The nose comes out, the face grows longer and skinnier… Turns any cute girl into more of a which, and any slick guy into an old fart. taken into account that I might be exaggerating a bit but if you put it to test, you will see what I mean.

However, the old 50mm (filter size 52mm) is many times just a wee bit too narrow, at least my old one on 52mm. My new one (filter size 67mm) has never not been enough to get what I need. With a 35 though, I can get what I want.

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