Källinge Gård

It is just as cozy as it is grand,
with potential knowing no limits with all its land.
Fancy balls, barbarian pig roasts and organic food at hand,
with great effort we can shift it, as if to gold from sand.

Now, would’nt it be amazing if I could tell you someone really famous, like The King of Sweden had said these words? Instead they came from no one greater than, than myself. However, they hold truth! This place was bought because they walked up the the meters from the road and felt like home. Even though paint was and is coming off from almost every building, the place felt abandoned and kind of dead with no certainty whatsoever when it comes to how much work this place will need to be “ready”. A house, especially a farm, is never “ready”, but you know what I mean. It could have been a huge mess. A black hole of wasted money, but they had faith – because it felt right. And it all worked out. Problems they had been told were problems were not problems, and after some digging and re piping, they were sitting on property worth much more than what they paid for it – because it had come with risks.

Now all the fun begins! Except for the baby coming in July, they’re building a henhouse, getting pigs, planting apple trees, growing potatoes, carrots, kale and spinach. Learning how to make baskets. Learning how to weave. Learning how to make wine… The plan is, to have all this up and running, then open a an Cafe serving coffee and drinks, organic desserts and simple foods for people out cruising with the MC’s or just driving around this beautiful area of Sweden. And a homestay for travelers. Come work for your stay. One of the barns can be converted to a beautiful dining hall with bathrooms downstairs, so this one can be rented out for conferences and parties.

All of this, is so bloody exciting. It will work and I know it! It just needs to be done. It just needs to be set up! Longing for the day when we move back, but I got business here in Beijing still so it will wait for a good amount of time. We have even been talking about a small Photography studio at a corner some where, since it doesn’t really need much. Absolute best would be if the Cafe and the Studio are in the same house, maybe just separate floors, because that way a Photography exhibition and a second hand shop (using and selling props for the studio) makes a lot of sense. Wait for your coffee while browsing through the shop and looking at our gorgeous pictures. Maybe even plan your shoot.

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