Fuck you yoga people on pinterest ruining a good thing

Now if there is something I could ask from all those yoga people on the internet; that would be to stop taking your clothes off and choosing sexist outfits for your teachings and pictures. Your body is not what it is about. It, yoga, is an inner experience. An inner sensation. A union between ones own body and ones own mind. In other words, the experience of ones own body from within.

I recommend you teach them how to enjoy and practice that. And about the psychological strength required to have the patience for learning that, instead of self indulging in flattering yourself and having people think it is about the poses. Wear clothes, and use your words instead.

Since you already know that nobody is learning anything more from you because you are half naked, are you not just admitting how shallow your relationship is to the practice by doing what you are doing? That basically, you don’t fucking get it yourself?

Since you seem to believe that yoga is about your tan and expensive elastic clothes with skin colored patches on them. And space patterns on leggings. And super cool yogamats. And see through fabrics pressed against your torso. And those kinds of tops with a lot of strings on the back… Ah sigh. To all you shallow bullshitters using a good thing to show off and try get fame, I have on thing to say. Fuck you.