So, racism and anti gay marriage

Loners can be right tooJust because you are alone in your ideas doesnt mean the others are right. The Buddhist monks finds their answers within themselves, and they would never even hurt a fly.

Hei Jingjing the Pekinese dragon dog followed me around while I picked up the damp clothes from the machine and carried them into my bedroom, placed them on the dresser and pushed the balcony door open. Cold and wet air woke me up a second time. I pulled some hangers down and started hanging my garments. This is when Jingjing lost interest in me and started bothering rabbit instead, who was sunbathing in the narrow strip of sunlight that hit the ottoman.

Not working full time gives me a a lot of time to think and rethink what I have heard, seen, read or experienced. Going over things that happen years ago or just seconds always gives a new point of view. Today’s topic while hanging my laundry was the races of the world and the tiny vicious minds that brings them all together just as much as it pulls them apart.

What would be the point in travelling,
if every country was the same?

Imagine the same skintone, shape of eyes, kind of hair, language, culture, traditions in every corner of the world. Earth would be nothing but one big city with different weathers depending on which part you are at. Would we have a subway line going “country”?
If we all looked the same, had the same religion, ate the same food and thought the same thoughts. What would be the reason for travelling? There would be less new experiences possible in a lifetime. Peoples lives are filled with culture. People love culture. Culture makes people people. What would be the reason for speaking to people? I strongly believe that if you cant find the good in something, you havent looked close enough, long enough with an open mind. There is good in everything, it might be overlooked because of awful actions in its name, Islam for example.

I started arguing against the Swedish Nationalist party for myself and found myself angry while sorting socks. I started arguing against Muslim haters, against anti abortionists and anti gays.

Bark bark bark!! Jingjing had gotten annoyed with Rabbit who wasn’t doing anything. Just laying there with eyes closed, indulging himself in relaxation. Jingjing went to lay down on my carpet, closed her own eyes and mouth to fall asleep out of boredom. Tongue still sticking out almost licking the fabric of the knitted looking ivory/peach carpet. Finished my second cup of coffee and sat down next to Jingjing, petting her a few minutes while I kept arguing with the Nationalists in my head.

I truly believe that the Swedish Nationalist party members are mainly uneducated suburb kids. They have not yet travelled anywhere, maybe to some secluded hotel area with their family, never taken part of history, never understood or tried to understand what culture is and where it comes from. It probably has never even crossed their mind, that their own country is so great cus it has been influenced a long time ago by the people of the countries they now want to kick out. People always blame immigrants and foreigners who they have nothing in common with when their situation is bad. The German economy was a disaster when Hitler got power. He offered a solution by blaming a specific kind of people for all the misery they all had to deal with. Ofc they will blame what they don’t understand for their own misery instead of blaming their government. Swedish people do same. We blame the refugees and immigrants for not adapting more to the Swedish society. For not speaking our language, for not getting jobs. But isn’t it so that since the Government took them in, the government has a responsibility to each and everyone of them to help them? Instead they are all put into a few areas where almost no Swedish people live, so they don’t actually take part of Sweden or Swedish. They have gotten their own little miniworld from the government and we blame them for not adapting. This is how we work! We make our own math.

I had a 13 year old kid in my neighbourhood tell me he will vote for them when he is 18, he proudly answered “Cus they stand for what they believe in!” when I asked why. I responded “Doesnt all the parties do that?”. Silence.

KKK ISISWhy I believe these folks are uneducated, is because they have left out one simple fact. We are not all the same. An educated person with a functional mind knows that. We all have people in our own group who we think are fucking retarded and oh boy would we be pissed off if some other group thought that the retard spoke for all of us. Some Christians are not against gay marriage or abortions, but in general they are. Stereotypes and extremists exists, but they don’t speak for the whole ethnicity or religion. We all know that.

The Swedish Nationalist Party got 12% in the last election. Dark day in our history. This percentage does not mean that 12% of the Swedish population are Nationalists, but that we have a lot of people who didn’t vote. Its more important for pissed off ignorant people to get the immigrants out, than for the ones who don’t mind them to save them. This is true. Bad things happen cus good people do nothing.

Racists just need to go to school and travel some, then they will get it.

Jingjing picked her face up from the carpet and licked half of it with her extremely lounge and wide tongue, in agreement.

Hating people who loves is the biggest waste of time in man kind

We had a girl in college who I thought was so cool. She had baggy jeans, a cool haircut, a skateboard, never wore make up and I just loved her. Not in a gay way, I just thought she was really cool. We became friends and had some fun together in school for a while. Then she climbed a chair on Valentines day in the school cafeteria and opened her mouth. Gave us some godly comfort that we can all be saved. Started explaining how homosexuality is a disease that god can can undo through prayer and this camp. From that day the thought of her makes me shake my head in disappointment.

Pouring myself a cup of Chinese cold medicine (boiled Chinese pear with ginger) I and had a realization that made me stop breathing for a second. “There is people who hates me even though they have never met me… Omg!! This is absolutely true!!” Then I thought of how a Muslim girl my age must feel when outside of a Muslim tight area. And I thought of how many people hates that Muslim gentleman who smiled at me outside of the Great Mosque in Xi An China, even though they never met him. He was great. Somebody hates me for taking up space and oxygen, not because anything I have done or said, even drawn written or thought. But only because of what I look like. My face makes people angry. How must other more commonly hated people feel? Imagine a bisexual male black Muslim in his 50s. He must be so tired.

Another brain shrinking thought, people hate people for the sex of who they love.
One can hate another person and wish them bad things, simply because what exists between his/her partners legs. How is that possible?!

Our world is falling apart. We have disease! Plastic and oilspill and all kinds of crap in our beautiful unexplored oceans! Hunger! Tyranny! Rape! Policebrutality! Racist judges in court! School shootouts! Religious extremists! Babykillers! Wars! Landmines! Torture! Human trafficking! Slavery! (Chinese factories, coffee bean picking, sugar plantations…) We have aaaaall this shit going on, meaning that a big chunk of the people of the world are having a shitty day almost every day. How can two girls kissing be such a big problem worth your energy and hate, while people are actually suffering? Use all that force into helping people in need instead. Halloween, Christmas, New year, Valentine, all of them are just shit for some people. So when people find someone to care for and someone to care for them, shouldn’t we celebrate? Isn’t that the most beautiful thing that we as people have? Love is something that everybody is looking for, some people til the day they die without results. So who is anybody to tell anyone how they are allowed to love? If you find anything similar to it, grab it fast. It is not important who or why, but it is important that it is real. Have you read the book 1984? In that book I realized, love can be killed. It is possible to have to people who love each other, to not love each other. Simply through torture. We have to protect love, not dictate it.

“A man and another man is unnatural” Come on, you seriously don’t think that 10.000 years ago when we were just forming our first communities, when men could be hunting in the woods together for days, nothing gay ever happen? Pff, who are you kidding?
People under pressure especially like fucking something.

Adults going berserk against other people wanting to marry the same sex. Its a rather mindblowing fact that something beautiful as love, can generate so much anger and hate. How can to boys in another house far away kissing be such a problem to a person?
Why does it bother people so much what other people are doing in their on homes, when nobody is getting hurt? Love, sex, laughter and food are the most basic joys in life. Why wish to take that away from anybody?

If you get so uncomfortable around gay people, try not seek every chance you get to go bother them. Do not go to the parade, no reason to go there and tell them you don’t like it. Why ruin somebody elses party? I am not walking into a biker bar telling these guys their sunglasses look stupid indoors. Let people be different, that way we can all find friends.

A friend said “Spend time on promoting the things you love instead of bashing the things you hate” I let that be my guideline in daily conversation.