Beijing North West corner adventure

We were just gonna go through the park to save time, but ended up in a confused loop due to the west gate being bricked up.

I would never say “all foreigners look the same”. They just dress the same.

To contact police, just press the red button, that happens to sit behind thick glass. Ah shit.

After refueling on electrolytes we continued to Qinghua University for a game of softball. But we could not possibly find our people and then Ethans battery died. So we had to find something else to do…


Graffiti on the wall separating the school area from living space.

We had left the university area to search for food when I spotted this princess in green!

and this supr dope flowy coat.

Lady selling colorful ribbons, flowers, Jian Bing and Ma La Tang from the same window.
JIA YOU! 加油!!


And this guy built this thing to use for selling pots. Genius.

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