Emelies Artshow

A few weeks earlier I noticed a girl dressed in a bright blue tshirt and a matching bright blue hair-ribbon. A skirt and peace-sign earrings.
She was sitting down on a bench, looking a bit troubled, chain-smoking and drinking Tsing Tao in the middle of the day, while families around her were doing shopping. I went up and told her I was glad to see her because there are not enough hippies arround here, and she looked awesome. I can’t remember if she smiled at me or not, but she was never too excited or enthusiastic about my superficial complements.

It would have made such an perfect photo with this beautiful and a bit badass hippie in a ghandi pose with an facial-expression telling you that she don’t give a shit. With a background of happy rich people shopping. She denied me the photo because she was not in the mood and had had a bad day. So I waited until she was leaving..

Later at a Bob Marley tribute, when it was his 30th death-day a young woman handed out flyers for a dance-hall night at a place called The world of Suzie Wongs.
I went there by myself since my friends are not that into reggae or dancehall music, but I had a great night and I met Lauren who introduced me to her sister Emelie. Who happend to be the hippie that got a away and I got an invitation to her artshow.

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