Little Adoption Shop


Today we started a photography project. I call us The Dogoods, but it is no official name. We do not really have a name for our project either, but it is leaning towards something like “An ounce of exposure”.
What we are doing is raising peoples awareness to certain important causes through beautiful photography. First out is The Little Adoption Shop. This is a non governmental dog shelter in Beijing, housing 300 dogs. It is run strictly out of love and empathy by Chris and Paul, who lives with these dogs full time. Paul starts every morning with patting every single dog on its head saying “Good morning”. He takes 80 dogs out for walks every day, cleans the floors twice, feeds them all and gives the occasional baths. We will through our photography try to have as many dogs as possible adopted in Beijing, and ship at least 5 of the big ones to US, since they are not allowed in here.

This shelter has gone though a lot. It aint an easy task to take care of 300 individuals while it feels like everybody around you is trying to make it difficult. Landlords kicking them out after big and costly renovations, neighbours complaining about dogs barking, finding space for all the animals coming in and the list goes on. What they are doing is unselfish and simply beautiful. Imagine spending your whole days taking care of dogs with heartbreaking backstories, uncurable healthconditions and different needs to see to. Every dog that comes in is more work and more expenses, every dog that gets adopted is a heartache because you have grown to love this furry forlegged friend.

You cant even imagine can you? These guys though, Paul and Chris, they are doing it. They are heroes and deserve much more than they get for themselves. Warmhearted people are the ones who are not elbowing their way through life, so they dont get as much as the nasty ones who do. At the same time as they have made their choice and they are aware of the consequences, we can still give them a little reward.

We can make a small donation of our time to help them walk the dogs or clean the floors, bring a bag of chewy toys or an old leash we dont need anymore. What we have to do to help to boils down to one small simple matter. Care. All we have to do is care.

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