Preparing to leave

Chaoyangmen stationFor the one week long celebration of Chinese National day, I am boarding a direct flight to Sweden where fucking nothing is going on. Here it will be a lot of partying, bai jiu drinking and eating. Red colors and probably a parade somewhere in this vast country.

Police registration, getting new shoes and changing money was really important today. Police registration is important cus the police needs to know which police station is in charge of which foreigner, basically. You have to go there with your passport and a document from your management office that guarantees you have an address, and where exactly that is, with the official  stamp. At the police office they will use this paper and your passport, to make everything official. You will receive a new piece important paper with a new important official stamp on it.

In many apartment buildings there is a big poster in the elevator saying its really important to do it the first 24 hours of living in an apartment. But I never do it for months and its always fine. Nobody could care any less. I even told the policelady that the address is wrong, I will fix it when I come back from Sweden in 3 weeks and she said “yeye, no worries”. So don’t sweat too much over Chinese bureaucracy.




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