Qing Hai Day 1 – Qing Hai Lake


The European American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, invites groups of foreigners to different exhibitions and events around China, mainly in Shandong province. They pay and manage transport, accommodation and all food needed. Usually the hotels are 4 or 5 stars, with nice bathtubs and breakfast buffets. This trip is my second, the first time I went to Dongying with this group, to check out the Yellow River Art Exhibition.

This Qing Hai trip was really something. The main event was to visit the Sustainability Fair  but there was also time to go see the Qing Hai lake. I met some really cool people working in IT, TV and teaching English.  Shook a lot of hands, had a lot of food and enjoyed myself, a lot. Came home from there with a bunch of businesscards and a whole bottle of Plum Wine. Thank you for that William Spear.

This gallery below, shows the first day in Qing Hai. We all got up really early even though we arrived very late, to see the beautiful lake. Some of us, including me, had a swim aswell. We were all allowed to walk around by ourselves for a couple of hours and then we went in the bus again, so we could all make it in time for the banquet.

Keep in mind, that most of these photos are shot through the bus window.

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