Qing Hai Day 2 – Sustainability Fair


This day was quite busy. Early morning on to a bus, walk around the fair and then a long dinner/conference.

At the fair we found some cool stuff, like drinkable jade and a self-charging electric bike that’s charges while you are biking. It that can be your for only 10.000 yuan.
The girl who probably does not work for the company but is just hired as a pretty face that speaks a lil bit English, said that they have two different kinds of wheels. The difference was supposed to be the weight, but we could feel no difference and it took a while for the girl to realize there wasn’t. Except one was painted white and the other wasn’t.

Some company had a really good band playing. One corner of the fair had a lot of hand woven mats, which was really impressive. Inside the book they had their sexy slogan printed saying “Makes men miss home”, as if they never do otherwise. I didnt like that statement too much, but I guess it is a little funny.

I sat down next to a mannequin cus we wanted do a photo with it where I pretend to have a conversation together with the doll. People around us started to think I was a model, working for the company selling the clothes the doll was wearing, so they started taking pictures.

After a couple of hours it was time to go back again, to another dressed up dinner. At the dinner there was a lot of people filming with really heavy equipment and taking photos. This was insane, almost as if there was more reporters than actual dinner guests.

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