Stevie Mac & The Mac Daddies – Debut performance

Stevie Mac and The Mac Daddies

Once upon a time about a few months ago, Steven did not have his Daddies. This show was The Mac Daddies first! “First time is always terrible” didn’t really apply, cus tey owned that fucking stage! BIG TIME. The crowd was so committed!

Steven could have had them do anything, I thought to myself when he had do the du-du-du-du-du-du-du-du intro for a few minutes to Uptown Funk. But they trust him and he wouldn’t abuse that to humour himself. Simply because he is a good guy. I judge him being good by the ridiculous amount of love he gives his English students. So proud of them all – as if they were his own. Yuck! Disgusting! Right?! It’s so cute I wanna puke.

A feeling of dissatisfaction with what he was singing already in The Avengers of Music, and the urge make music closer to what he actually listens to, rather than what others listen to, was where it all started. This overwhelming feeling of wanting to do more! Something bigger! Something better! Something amazing! Not to feed an ego, but to keep a promise to ones younger self. As a boy he wanted to start “Steven and The Rockers”. Singing in the Avengers didn’t quite satisfy “Little Steven”. I suppose it was that little boy in him that actually made him to move on. I imagine Steven sitting frustrated shouting at this little boy in his head who should have been happy already a year ago. Cus Steven was in a bandm, he was singing, all the in the China. But it wasnt enough. “ALRIGHT LITTLE STEVIE! I will start another band! Just shut up!”…

Time goes by… Lil’ Stevie waits and waits…

The finally 1 day, DEBUT PERFORMANCE at 4 Corners – Stevie Mac & The Mac Daddies! Posters, wechat, Facebook shares results in fuck loads of people and high energy on stage and dance floor!!!
Little Stevie nods with a smerk and goes “I could not have done it better myself” And finally, he shut his trap. The end.

Steven and The Rockers would be a friggin awesome band name aswell.

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