Apparel by Sanna K

Apparel by Sanna K started as a self portrait project, where I’d create and wear different outfits put together from my massive storage containing finds from the wonderfully strong Second Hand culture in Sweden. In the pictures I’d either make nonchalant poses somewhere in our garden, do something productive like moving some wood chop around. .

Then in Beijing I started using models, doing more posing. Now I am doing both.

Modelling myself is better because I already feel in my heart the vibe I wish to express. But, setting the camera on a tripod limits how impulsive I can get, which is bad for the excitement in the final photo.

Models with big characters lacking shyness who are aware of their bodies and enjoys the whole creative process of trying things out, are an absolute dream to work with, but a nightmare to find. Especially if you are looking for someone to play with you, rather than for you.

Yet, I managed! Beyond grateful to all you wonderful people who have gotten in front of my lens. Lots of love, lots of hugs and good things to ya!