This gallery shows my favorite moments from those 2 years in Sweden before China, when I had just moved out from my moms house and in together with my boyfriend (husband now!) Joakim. We spent 2 amazing years in a Swedish summerhouse, experiencing the roughest and coldest Winters Sweden had had in 28 years.

Living in this house, I grew to really love nature. Together, we learned about sustainable living and started growing our own food. We heated the house with fire wood as best we could. The second year we got beautiful Brahma hens and made a really impressive compost that foxes visited at night. At evenings we paid attention to the starry skies. During fall, we listened to the water trickling in the small river dividing our private garden from the public forest. Some days it sounded like rain when we would open our door. Spotted eagles hovering our house when our birds were ut walking. My husband dug out paths in the snow for our dog and we took minor boating adventures in the summer.
Then China called in December 2011, and we moved within 8 weeks to a country we had been very curious about for a long time.

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