Finally a young girl to teach stuff again

Betty using my doodled red guitar during our Apparel by Sanna K shoot.

1.5 year in the Hutongs has finally brought me a young girl who wants to learn stuff with me! Yey! I had Jenny for 2 years before and it was great. Roughly twice a week I would head over to her house for about 90 minutes and talk shit. We’d discuss Harry Potter a lot at first. I brought her an address to Daniel Radcliffs manager one day, which to she could send her loveletters. She freaked out! Could not possibly believe that I could just find that on the internet. She was beyond happy that moment! I wonder if she ever sent him her thoughts. Then when she was closer to 12 rather than 10, it was a lot of Justin Bieber. This new girls name is Helen, and she loves Taylor Swift! Luckily for her, I know how to play Lovestory on guitar! Not amazingly good, but good enough! She has already bought one because she thinks Taylor looks very cool on stage playing it. And I cant but agree! Ah, I am so excited!

My Lovestory cover from 2014 on my google plus