Irish Wave 798 Exhibition

Niamh Cunningham

150th Birthday of W.B Yeats, the first Irish noble prize winner. Irish Wave is an annually returning project promoting cooperation between Chinese and Irish artists, containing exhibitions and talks. This years theme was a poem called Sailing to Byzantium by William Butler Yeats. The national poet of Irland.

I was lucky to meet and greet with one of the featured Irish artists, Niamh Cunningham, at the Irish Ball. We chatted a bit and I found out that the painting I had been starring at was her doing; and that she had given it to the charity auction. The word “flood” had to be removed from the original title because Chinese customers are usually very spiritual and wants nothing to do with any floods. She told me all about Irish Wave and invited me to the last guided tour at their exhibition at Inter Art Gallery in 798, Mars 22. Inter Art is mainly a photography exhibition gallery, but they make exceptions sometimes. There she invited me to the Irish Embassy’s Yeats Poetry Night, which turned out to be fantastic. My Irish friend Fionn warned me that a Yeats night might get dark, since his poetry is really heavy. I love the guided tour, I love the Yeats night, it was great to be apart of that scene for a while and just dive in to Irelands beautiful culture.

“Painting is silent poetry.
There is a picture in every poem, poetry in every paiting.”
– Mr.Fu Hao