A pretty normal day

White shorts in canned beetroot water

Kitchenwindow view

Rabbits torn apart haytunnel

Rabbit The Hare

Playing around with whats around

Today I decided to do something new aswell, not only my routines. I decided now during our time after Indonesia travelling, that I cant keep spending money on “expensive” 25 yuan noodles, so I have to get cheaper food. I headed for the foodcourt next to our supermarket and got a good deal. 6 bigger then normals ize dumplings for 4 Yuan and a bowl of complementary porridge. This food court is in Bai Huan Jia Yuan, Shuangjing subwaystation line 10.
I took som photos of people sitting down there. A guy eating a melon for lunch, a girl with her boyfriend, an old man working there with his teenage grandson visiting. I played with placing the camera on the table and using bulb for shutterspeed, so I could open and close the shutter myself. I opened it and started turning to the left, then closed it when I had turned the camera almost 180 degrees.

Then a guy sleeping after rush hour at a baozi place. Bao zi is a kind of steamed bun with filling, really good for midday snack or breakfast. Then a typical Chinese family running a whole-in-the-wall restaurant. The man and young girl who runs cvs round the corner organizing fruit. A guy cleaning the wall downstairs. My neighbour sorting her plastic bottles.

My little project trying to color my white shorts with beetroot water. It didnt work. Today I also finished a poster for 4 Corners event this Saturday, but I decided not to print it cus I wasnt too stoked with it.
Our Australian friend Corely came to visit and his shoes are massive, so I took some photos of them aswell. Also, since we do have a hare lose in the apartment, he makes interesting photos. I cant put an animal that size with those needs to jump around on the carpet, in a cage all day. So he runs around like he wishes and goes back to his cage when he needs to pee, poop, eat or drink. Otherwise, he chills out with us in the livingroom. We also have a litterbox normally used for cats in our bathroom, which he goes to when he has been lying on the hotspot under the sink. His name is Rabbit. Rabbit the Hare.

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