Alba Cafe

Welcome upstairs!

Gulou Dong Da Jie NO. 70

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Dongcheng District
Open Daily between 8am-2am
Phone: 6407-3730

Café Alba is a great breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or just drinks place. They have got roof top, great grilled salmon and nice coffee. The grilled salmon is actually beyond great, it is freaking awesome. 48 kuai and filled with love and garlic. The menu is big enough to attract both Chinese and Western guests with different taste. Beefeaters and vegetarians will both find something. Vegans though, might have a difficult time. The interiors are nice and clean, vintage style and concrete. The art on the walls seemes unfinished, which is a little annoying.

If my score matters, Ill give it 4 out o5.
Well, I love mashed potato and they completely failed it. But they took it back with no problems at all and stroke it off my tab. They even offered to heat it up again and add some milk, to make it less dry which is what I complained about. So, they dont do everything perfect from start, but they are super serviceminded.