As she says in the book, once an artist has sent the work to the audience, it no longer belongs to the artist. Allowing for it to be misinterpreted completely. The impression of everything is personal. Artists creating has no business controlling the message it is sending. They just need to keep it honest to themselves, and then see what it does. Maybe everything, maybe nothing. And it doesn’t matter, it is never the point of beginning! So maybe, I have misread the whole thing. Maybe I am supporting a version of her that I have made up. But if I am at least getting something right, it is that she’d be ok with that.

No need to be the greatest reader of books to tell this one apart from the others. That the contents of this piece of literature are important to history. It is officially putting it to paper, that we aint buying all this shit anymore. What matters is the work we do, not what we look like doing it. What matter is that we do what wants to be done from within, not what wants to be done from within us by others. Creative outburst are so personal, so cathartic, and this book is pointing out the fact that us listening to others and worrying about results, has been killing the joy to create for way too fucking long. Teaching how to stop wasting time on shit that don’t matter, like fear. Nothing is as wasteful of precious time as incapable of acting and producing from withing, because of fear. And worry. And pressure. No matter where they comes from, they are totally and absolutely useless feelings. Just like Women Who Run With The Wolves was, and is, important to women whose souls needs defibrillating, Big Magic is important them who are paralyzed by fear.

It hit me at the end of chapter “Choose what to trust”, that what I was holding in my has was to make history. What these pages means to the reader, and changes within its reader is big and magical. Too big and too magical for this book to ever be just a book. It it not profound, it is just clear. It is obvious, but still so new. It is popping that socially accepted bubble built on absurd ideas about what it is to be creative; more importantly what it should and could be. Simply comforting you with this thought, it’s ok to enjoy decorating your existence without the pressure of the results impact on others.

As a mind inside of a body inside of time, you are a part of this endless, beautiful amazing cycle of human beings living on planet earth, making things. Congratulations, it is awesome. Burdening yourself with ideas, concepts and truths that are bound to time such as contemporary norms of what is and what is not ok, is not necessary. All of those are equally invented as time is itself. Time is not time as we know it, time is actually process. We have noticed patterns within this process and timed it by counting, to make our existence easier, to be able to keep up with the pattern, but time does not exist. It is our way of dealing with the other thing that does exist, that we don’t understand. Yet.

Everything just is. And everything is part of a huge process beyond what we can even imagine. One so big, not even Sci Fi writers can imagine.

Things attached to your very short time of roughly 100 years weighing you down, fuck them. 100 years is nothing. But people are passionate, so a lot of “truths” will be around you, but they are invented. Nobody really knows anything. We just believe, study and draw conclusions, do tests. But trying to explain the universe, what is actually right, what is actually wrong, is useless. Religions should be popping up everywhere, since people will never stop wondering what we are doing here. We will always keep questioning ourselves and what we know. Maybe you not personally, because you are very set in your ways and you have been taught what is right and what is wrong, but others within you if you consider human as one entity, will. And should. Religions are trying to answer the questions each human being born and alive to adulthood are asking.. Explain what we are feeling. And explain why we are longing to feel certain things. To experience certain things.. Those things that are inevitable to long for in each of us. In the animals too. Why despair and desperation usually is the outcome after a while when we dont, and turn us evil, violent. Why we hurt people after a certain point of “enough is enough”. Something we never would consider, if we just had a f ew things working for us.. Like food on the table. A roof over our head. A safe place to sleep. A certainty within us, that our loved once are full and safe. Even stimulated and joyful. But nobody knows. Everybody believes. Everybody has theories. And people are still working on them. That is the job of us people.

Everything, just is. What is specific to your time and town, will not be the same anymore if you had been born 200 years earlier or later. So get too hung up on it?
yes now you are supposed to be typing on a blue laptop because the cool kids does it. But isn’t it more important to the universes, that you just type? Universe dont give a shit about what laptop you are using. For the longest time, universe was satisfied with you creating boards of clay to write on. Just do the work.

Because human creativity is built in since the beginning of us, and it applies to everything. We have always made things. Wanted to express ideas, feelings, potential good systems to tap in to. We have always made up things to answer other things. I other words, created something, to explain something else. All creation comes from unanswered questions, or the urge to tell or show something. We will always. This is our job.

Elizabeth”s language lays out a perspective that is difficult to defend as a nobody. One that will be mocked and shot down before it’s even completely out, especially without evidence which in this case is’nt all that easy to collect. Like many things in the creative world, things cant really be measured. Harmony, joy, and peace within peoples hearts and bodies is’nt measurable, it is felt. It is experienced. The powerful beauty of yogic movements can never be explained, it needs to be worked on until reached – then you just know. It’s like you cant really explain what an orgasm is to someone, because it is so deep within you, and different but yet the same for everyone. It needs to be worked on until reached, then you just know. A lot of things are a process like that. You feel like you are not working on anything, until all of a sudden you look around and everything feels different. You’ve reached the next level of something you cant explain or measure. Just feel.

Through history we have learned that it doesn’t matter if you are right, if most of the people around don’t agree. It doesn’t matter if they are too uneducated or too shallow to understand a certain concept, or if theses ideas have been blocked by some other “truth” provided by holy authority. Going up against what people believe is hard and quite dangerous, risky, because people are stubborn when they think they know. This stubbornness is always beautiful, because what they are feeling is euphoria. It’s only a tragedy when it turns to violence because there is a strange need to have people agree with them. Especially when they believe to have the correct moral on their side, still using violents to make people listen to them. When concepts has been sewn into peoples bones, wether its politics, religion or how to set the dinner table – no damn hippie can come and change that, with just a perspective. Especially if you’re young. In a way, as soon as you think you know, it is too late. Your universe is closing. Your perspective and you possibilities are shrinking, like stuck in a room with walls moving in on you. Stubbornness is not your friend. Arrogance of wisdom in philosophy isn’t either.

Older generations will always complain about the younger, just like they have always done. It is not a new thing that the 60 year olds are saying “It was better before”. Because they have lived through those years and think they know. They watch us do things, and remember these feelings. They see us doing something that is not what they did or wished they did, so to them, it is wrong, unless what they learned from their ways was that there should be a better one. However, their feelings are ok. Understandable even. It comes from a good place, like when you’re watching a girl in a horror movie walking out to the black forest and you automatically, loudly go “Dont go there!!” But time changes, and what was right then, is not necessarily today, so keep making your own mistakes with an open heart. It might be too late now to do the other way he she wished he had done, because nothing is the same anymore. The process we are in moves to swiftly.

Elizabeth might be considered just a damn hippie to some people, maybe… But compared to her, I for sure am the damn hippie and she the super serious, hard working, established writer with an impressive intellect. So I can share my point of view on things, have people tell me I’m fucking crazy and then I can quote her. Make people go “Oh, really? That’s interesting”. Boom! Sanna aint crazy no more.

So, truly Liz, thank you. I’m so glad someone is pointing out, how fucked up it is that we still romanticize the tormented artist. As if life is’nt supposed to be amazing. As if they are’nt just wasting their talents. As if the earth doesn’t love us back.

Why I believe this book to be so important, is because I believe the purpose of people is harmony.

We are capable to rise above animal instincts. Rise above pissing territory and tearing limbs off, because we can establish authority without violence, if we just want to. We’re above eating each others children, at least in our own species. We do not always act this civilized just be cus we can though, and we still do a lot of things that we can rise above, like war for money, war for land, rape, abuse and torture on our own species and others, killing our oceans for profit, but this is because we as a species we are just an infant. We don’t know shit. We are at a stage now where we are too excited to think about the long run. To even understand what the hell it is our actions truly mean.

We cant start saying that human is evil. Imagine human as one big thing spread our over this globe, and look into the hearts of all individuals. How many emotions are happening right now? How many moments of truth are happening now? Realizations? Jumps of joy, finished projects, birthed babies, finished meals and burnt down houses? A lot.. a lot, a lot a lot. And everything matters. Not just what the freaking news papers and TV’s are telling you. But everything. Especially what they are not telling you. You are a part of this big thing. This human way of living, loving and leaving. Allow yourself and others to make mistakes. Believe that they arent the final words. The finals actions. All that needs to be done, is to get some perspective. Then work it out.

Even if we were to abandon everything that we have going on. Each single project that we have started and collectively disappear. Mother earth would be fine. But saddened, because with our physical potential and our minds, we can set order and harmony to this place. Help all other species survive. If big stones has fallen from the mountain, landed in the forest and is now dividing a family, we can fix that. Because we are creative. A big stone for us is just a big stone, for another species it is a mountain.

We learn all about resources and how to suck out the most from the earths inner core and outer beauty, but not how to suck at the most of our minds. All the beauty and heartwarming joy we could all be enjoying is being wasted. It is being kept down, because we are so focused on all these new cool things instead. All we really need is some fire, some food, some melodies and something cozy to sit on – and are bodies and minds are at peace. A group to belong to and be taught things by as young, then eventually start our own where we teach, is ideal. Company. A sense of belonging. But we make it more difficult than that. We produce all these things, create all these concepts, and then we jump into that doomed to forever be stressed out and feeling shit wheel. We have empathy and we have creativity at a mind blowing level, that animals don’t. But we ain’t using it, even thought they are. They are pulling out as much joy from their minds that they possibly can. Enjoy small things like laying in the sun til you’re really hot, then lay in in the shade til you’ve cooled down. Enjoying the sensations within their bodies. Enjoying to feel the cells in their bodies. Guess why they like being petted? Because they absolutely, one hundred percent live within their bodies. Could you say the same? Do you really live within your body? Or are you barely giving it any thought? Animals love and respect their own to such levels it is impossible to not believe they are as conscious as we are about themselves, and their families, the life and death cycle and even us. Dolphins start circling surfers in the water, to warn a 3 meter long shark is coming. They understand fully, what pain and loss is. These are not human created concepts. These are not ideas bound to time. Animals are not here for our amusement, they even came first. And this, is why I believe the whole idea of people being created to resemble god, even exists. Because we have the ability to understand beyond these primitive things, and do something about them. We can see the whole picture, not just what is directly around in front of us. We can go anywhere. We don’t need to choose anything, we can do it all. Nobody else can do that.

Oh how the gods are looking at us people like parents at their babies, just learning to crawl. Taking their firsts steps. Putting everything in their mouth. Slowly noticing how we foolishly are throwing sand in each others eyes when we don’t agree with each other. Taking each others toys. In a few years they know, we will calm down. We will see that we never needed that toy anyway. That we are already sitting on satisfaction, through simple meditation. But we are adults in 2017 allowing companies run by people who dont understand the simple beauty of existence, to destroy our planet and the habitats for other species in it, to satisfy created needs specific to this time our bodies are stuck in. Even though our bodies are the same as always. We actually only need the same things as always. Same as all other species. Love. Health. Freedom to live out joyful impulses.

But 2017 is just now.. It wont be like this forever. We will rise above this periods of wasted potential as well.

The gods know we will get there. But they are watching us go through those aggressive years as a 4 years olds does. When we are just starting to see how powerful we are. This is not really a surprise to them, but the concept of money blew things out of proportion in a way they had’nt expected. This was never something they saw coming. They are probably hoping we will rid this system completely at some point. So that we can stop this separation from each other. Stop this mad validation of our existence. This insane created measure. Our existence will never reach a definition of done. So there is no such thing as a wasted life, actually. Because each is teaching something to them around. It is all a part of the process. As Elizabeth is saying in Big Magic, frustration is part of the work. All this killing is their frustration to suffer through. They cant just put us here as educated adults, we have to educate ourselves and figure out how this universe works. Like a big problem solving game. Try everything on everything. Eventually we will come to conclusions. Eventually we will see how stupid it was to try open the wooden door with the metal key, even though it made perfect sense at some point. Seems like a perfect fit. Except it wasn’t, because we did know there were 2 doors, and 2 keys.

What will this world look like in 200 years if the last Tormented Artist is truly dying? What will the culture be like in 200 years, when we will all create from joy rather than trying to proving ourselves to contemporary ideas and ideals? Living with the notion of contemporary being temporary, so automatically unimportant Elizabeth, is honoring that. Maybe blissfully unaware of it. But the gods are giving her a golden star, because she is sending out ideas that will bring this world closer to what they are waiting for. I can feel the shift. Harmony is coming.