Dag 6. My brain speaks english nowadays

Mönster till dekorering vid fint spa

Should I try publishing a few words in enligsh, or should i drop the whole concept? Somehow, I feel it could be a smart move sence it contracts more people. But also, there is sort of no need thanks to google translate and me being more interested in keeping my swedish audience. But even so, it is good practise.

Ordering breakfast, buying water (Stockholm has the worlds best water, China does not. You buy it bottled and you got no choice, If you’re not boiling It yourself at home, wich I will. Sooner, or later.. But it feels kind of cool having bottled water, sence Ive hated it at home and thinking of it as the most stupid thing ever. Different here though..) Speaking of boiling water, you also get used to drinking hot water, sometimes spiced with a little lemongrass since they serve it at restaurants. But mostly, just steaming water out of a regular glass. It is still weird, but nicer actually. Why should it be cold? There is no reason but the cooling effect at hot summer days, but now.. It is nice, just have to kill the weirdness.

Except from food and drinks, you do everything in english. I’ve even started to throw in english words while speaking to Joakim. It started off when I realized that repeating conversations I’ve had with other people was easier doing, when I used the correct words which were in eng.

I have the last few years started to mumble more and more to myself. It could be thinks like – Oh shit, how do this open? If I am struggling with a new kind of box maybe, and then I am giggling to myself and hoping nobody heard or saw me mumbling.
I know my father did that a lot, especially when he was cooking. I could sit there right behind him, while he new I was there but he would still mumble. I never understood the whole mumbling thing, but now I have noticed me doing it aswell.
And nowadays, in english!

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