INSOMNIUM at Yu Gong Yi Shan

A late brunch at Schiller’s is always a good idea. Especially with your most vulgar buddy who loves drinking, smoking, cursing and trashing people. Through him, I get to release my eccentricity and it’s amazing. When with him we are fabulous in a world not good enough for either of us. A diva duo giving zero fucks escaping into a fairytale where I am not the queen, but where to I always make sure to bring one.

Its like I enter a different mind space when with him. Because I am not an arrogant son of bitch usually, but with him, I am absolutely obnoxious, but not rude. Still to the point I know I’d wish to slap myself if I’d walk by myself. But that’s ok… because I am many things. All of my mind spaces has to respect and give room for the others, no matter how contradictive they are.

We met up at Schillers for late brunch. 2 Qing Dao drafts and a 90 kuai awesome snack plate later, we headed over to ADAM’S. Adam’s is a gaybar run by a guy named Mondo, who has hired Hathor a.k.a Heather to be the hostess. Mondo is a bitch diva for sure, teaching the other ladies Beyonce moves and how to properly put on the whole doll face in make up. ADAM’S, I believe, has been created for his personal use. The club is his playground. Men come and men go, and no night is ever slow! Each event he has planned has full attendance and a hot n’ sweaty dance floor where the the guests and employees are all having a great time. Never have I seen before a bar with staff enjoying themselves they way they do here. On our way through Sanlitun we got photographed by a middle aged man with a lens mostly used by bird watchers out in deep forests. But hey, those are great for bored men with expensive cameras hanging out by shopping malls as well.

I do wonder what they do with those pictures…

3 Pinacoladas later we headed towards my hutong to go see mom. I was supposed to be joining her for a Metal event tonight and I was running late. We got on the bus for a few stations until we realized that SHIT! We wanted a beer and a smoke. So we got off as soon as we spotted one of those Alcohol and Tobacco stores. Then there we sat, drumming on an old empty cardboard box that once used to store beer, with Zhong Nan Hai smokes and Yan Jing Beer in hand. This is when we finally started working on our own version of Androgynous. Such a lovely tune. We gathered a small crowd who were all very discretely listening and filming with their phones, but pretending they weren’t listening.

Eventually we stumbled in at home just in time. We walked her to the venue, walked back home to walk the dogs, then Finn got tired as hell and went home. Shit, I was hella drunk and tired now too but I had stuff to do. So as anybody would do, I had a drunken 20 minute spread eagle nap on my living room floor, before I patted my face with some powder, put on some red lipstick, drew my liner perfectly, combed my hair and took off. Ran back to grab my camera and my fifty. Then I spent 20 minutes drinking my fifth beer of the day on a high chair at the back of the show, trying to figure out wether or not my mom was still. During my sixth beer of the night, I spotted a a small lady in a black hoodie with a big camera on the right side of the stage. It couldn’t be anybody else.

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Drag event at Adam’s

Dragevent at Adams, Beijing.
Dragevent at Adams, Beijing.

Honored by the trust, I delighted in helping him dress up for his first Drag Evening. Picked out my jazziest black dress, applied a glittery nude make up with black lashes, dug out my most comfortable black heels and ta-fucking-da: Total lady! That head of curls is always already perfect no matter what time of day, or day of the week. And we didn’t bother with no silly shaving.

I matched up with a black top and dark grey high wasted jeans, and ofc, my black kneehigh heeled boots.
To really make the two uf us one pair, we both had black leather jackets. Together we were gorgeous.

We stopped for a drink at Adam’s, before heading up to Migas where danced for hours until we dance for a few more hours at Kokomo.
At Adams we sat down with Mondo who owns the place. Mondo made Finn promise to come to the drag event they were having next weekend. So ofc, we went all out for that. Its the pictures from that evening that are shown below.

We got him a new dress. We shaved his legs. He got his make up done by professionals. Then he entered the lip syncing contest, and won the shit out of it. But never received the prize. The whole contest was rigged, for sure. So we didn’t go back for the finals. What would have been the point?

But we learned, that no matter if Finn shows up on stage as a man or a woman – he gets the whole crowd on board.

Bye Bye Kitty at Kokomo




BBK at Kokomo Sanlitun
Jeff, Rich, Jon and Cian are not the same age, but you might think so when seeing them live.

Cian brings the calm, cool and collected. Rich the energy (obviously), Jeff the power and Jon the most important instrument. The drums! I’ve seen em live many times and every time it feels like the first, because there is no repetitive pattern and they always bring their best. No matter if they are happy with the sound system the venue has provided or not, no matter how much frustration they have had to deal with during the day; they will play as if they are the last fucking band in the world.

Cian plays in a few bands actually and Jon bakes cookies on the side. Jeff knows how to rap and Rich seems to be on every freaking cover of every freaking magazine all the freaking time. I met him in Wudaouko last year at Lush during Lush Rush, when I working there as photographer (for tab). We shared a cab back to the centre of Beijing together and decided to stay in touch. I suppose we because we both figured that the other one might come in handy one day. Then I ended up shooting their show at VA bar a long time after we met, and my best shot from that night ended up on their poster for this gig at Kokomo. Its funny how the cookie crumbles…

Through that Lush Rush gig, I met a lot of great people, some bad as well to be honest. Luckily though, these guys aint the bad ones, and the bad ones doesnt take up as much of my time as the good ones.