Tennis practice

SAK_4123 First photography class: Sports Photography
Camera body: Nikon D700
Lens: Nikkor 55 – 200 mm DX G lens,
This is fast lens though which is really important for sports, but it is also dark. Absolute zoom lowest f value is 5,6 so light was an issue. Cranked ISO up til 4000 and holy moly did I get some noise. Since this was class, I decided to accept the grain and run with it.

Aaron Berkovich at Peking Productions has taken me on as a some what of apprentice.
We have decided that each week we will meet of at different locations for class. Its not like we are bringing books and sitting by a table studying, more like just hanging out with our cameras. The difference from just hanging out with a friend, to hanging out with Aaron, is that I HAVE TO in a few days deliver my photos to so he can tell me Yey or Ney.
There is one problem though, Our views on the photos themselves, are so different. He is a commercial photographer and I want to be an independent artsy one. He wants to have clients, I want to sell whatever I might have captured. So how can I trust his opinions? How can a commerical judge an ideological photographer? Its like a banker and a hippie sitting around judging eachother and telling the other what to do. Its just foolish cus their fundamental beliefes just arent the same.

I decided that, I wont let Aaron judge whether or not I am a good photographer.
But, I will learn the business from him. Work ethics, responsibility, how to shoot for a client and I will take whatever commercial inspiration I might find from his point of view.