Coffeeplace hangout day

Homestead CoffeeThorough scrubdown, facial mudpack and a breather in the hot tub was welcomed after 20 minutes in the saltwalled sauna (salt absorbs moisture, also sweat) with warm rounded stone pebbles covering the floor. This evening of selfindulgement got an evening finalé Prostwith a moviecuddle to The Ususal Suspects, in a neat room that smells of human exrement and a has paperthin door with decorative holes in it. So much for a romantic spa vaccation… Today, the day after, started with a coffehunt and continued coffeshop loitering.

Prost  is restaurant/bar/awesome place with good food, beer, quality spekars, cider, good variation in  music and has servants wearing killts. Beautiful space in general, probably really awesome in the summer when the terrace is open and half the place is outdoors.

Last thing on this days list of activities, was to sit down in the sprinkling rain and listen to some acoustic guitar while sharing a can of beer with a South korean girl who doesnt speak English. Still she was amazingly friendly.

Juno, 30

Seoulful nightwalk

Hair saloon

Visa trip to South Korea

Living in China is one thing, trying to get visa to stay there is another. A trip to South Korea will let me back in on a tourist visa. The application needs to be done through a Travel Agency, which only gives them if one has atleast 1 Tourist visa to China, issued in a different country, already stamped. This is because they have somebody elses vouch for this person.

This is our first day, and like in 2012, we are staying at the wonderful Itaewonland. Aah, love that place.
giant stonepenises making waterfountains in the hotspring, massagetables, massagecharis, sleeping ares, movie nights, salt saunas with hot pebblecovered floors, ice rooms, exercise machines and what not.

Kuta Beach


23 days of travelling with two dudes, was awesome. I only got pissed off a few times, my period only bothered me when it was convenient and the food was freaking delicious most of the time.
Since 1 of 2 dudes is my boyfriend, I even got laid at new exciting locations like “Huge-ass-fancy-boat” and “hostel shower”. We never made it to a nightsession on the beach, but we cant do it everywhere.
The trip also gave me a lot of nice shots as in photographs, shots as in B52, experiences with toxications and experiences with people. By the end of the 23 days, none of us was the same.
And thank god, or whomever, we all came out better.

The first 2 nights we stayed at a hostel called Here Nau. Here Naus front desk was open 24 7, the staff was delightful and the beds were comfy. Every floor has a big wash room with closed private showers, toilets, 2 sinks and a big mirror. This was all good, but I remember the awful smell still. It smelled like really worn out and sweaty sneakers in the washroom. For a long time I thought it was my shoes, so I washed them with soap and put them outside, but the smell was still there. So I kept washing my hands, cus maybe the smell had just attached itself on to me. The last day Joakim pointed out that the washroom itself has a weird smell to it. The same smell I had been hoping they hadnt noticed yet, cus I thought it was coming from me. I figured I had been doing well hiding the smell or they were just polite enough, not to point out to the poor young lady travelling with them, that she has a body odour worse then anybody they have ever met before. Turns out, it was never me! Other then this smell-situation there was only one other problem. The breakfast was unoptimized. It didn’t suck completely, but it was nothing more then a small plate of watermelon, a cheap piece of white bread with cheap jam and nutella. No real coffee (even though this is freaking Indonesia) just Nescafe and tea. It didn’t suck completely, it just sucked a tiny bit.
Walking to Kuta Beach from Nau Here takes about 20 minutes, depending on your speed. On the way we found delicious local food, cool shops selling art and beanbags, just around the corner is a 24 7 open local restaurant with amazing new buffets of traditional Indonesian food everyday. Walking a long the beach though, offers million upon million of shops with art and beanbags, jewelry, clothing , interiors, wooden cocks as bottle openers and all kinds of stuff for basically no money at all if you know how to bargain. Also there is endless of dinnerspots, bars, surf lessons and Bin Tang!

I loved Kuta. But we couldnt stand all the Aussies for too long. Jacked up surferdudes really gets on my/our nerves after a while. We had to get the fuck out, so we took a day trip to Ubud.